Women's Health

Primarily nutrition led, our women's health program helps untangle complex conditions. Our systems based approach takes into consideration the way the female body works to find the root cause of the symptoms looking at the whole body.
Combining this with exercise targeted at your stage of life and goals we tailor programs for you to help you feel and look better.


We are all different, with our own genetic predispositions, the life we chose to live, the foods we like or dislike and our current stage of life. Some of you might thrive on stressful situations, some of you might dread it. Some of you are early birds, whereas the others are night owls. Similarly, there is no such diet that would work for everyone. 

Our Nutritional Therapist will recommend certain foods tailored for your condition, which could be anything from PCOS to painful periods. You will be surprised to feel the difference when you start eating the right foods for your body.

An initial consultation will take 75-90 minutes and we will discuss all aspects of your health. This time will be important in determining the potential root cause of your health issues such as food intolerance, lifestyle, stress or diet. You will be asked to bring along any recent tests and current medications you are on. 

It may be that further tests are recommended to be done by your GP or alternatively we can arrange private lab tests as well. If you are interested, we can do you genetic testing to understand your predispositions towards diet (e.g. you might have a high carbohydrate sensitivity that could prevent you from losing weight) or you might have issues with detoxification, which could potentially result in hormone related issues. Private lab tests and genetic testing are an additional cost.

After the consultation, we undertake a personalised health evaluation and you will receive a comprehensive therapeutic plan. It will consist of recommendations to your diet and lifestyle and possibly supplement suggestions, in order to help you to reach your health goals. We can work with dietary changes only if you do not wish to take supplements.
The plan does not consist of a meal plan but can construct it for an additional fee. 


Aside from diet areas like stress or fatigue may also spur recommendations for meditation or exercise complimentary to the program

Workshops for Women's Health


Workshops are held regularly.​ Contact us at enquire@mbody.co for further details.


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