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Private reformer pilates starts at Ft 9,500 per session with discounts given for passes of 5 and 10.


All first timers get 50% off the first session. Check our pricing page for details.


I loved how I could choose my instructor instead of not having the choice. I didn't want to share my aches and pains with just anyone the studio chose. - Eszter

Thanks to Julian I discovered how nice it to practice Pilates! He is a fantastic teacher and he did a very good job in putting me back on track after a hip surgery and some other joint problems. It was a pleasure to work with him – he is very professional and a very nice person as well. He was able to adapt the reformer classes to my strengths and weaknesses hence I really enjoyed every minute of each class. We worked together for just two months (unfortunately, I left Budapest) but I made a great progress during this time. I hope to have the chance to work with him again and I would strongly recommend his studio. Keep up the good work Julian! - Roxanna S

I was new to pilates when I started going to see Julian and was a little nervous, I soon found out there was no need to be. Julian is a fantastic, knowledgable teacher who is easy to talk to and very supportive. He tailors the instruction to your needs and goes the extra mile to make sure you are happy. - Helen B

Private Reformer Pilates 

If you have specific goals, require an expanded range of exercises or simply want privacy we can tailor a program for you. Pilates can help with your movement, sports, post-rehabilitation, health issues or weight loss.


Reformer Pilates programs are made for you; using an expanded range of equipment to help you achieve your goals. We provide Pilates classes in English. Maria can also provide the class in Hungarian.

Work with a Qualified Pilates Teacher 

We know how important it is to work with someone you have complete trust in. A friend, motivator and qualified for the job. Qualified means someone with knowledge and experience has validated the teachers knowledge and skills.


We have come together as teachers after many dedicated hours study and practice. We continue to improve ourselves with post qualification with pregnancy, post rehab, back care and older persons certifications. You can find out more about us here or below when you choose your teacher.

Tailoring your program 

Extra study means we can more accurately devise a program that suits you. Programs include an initial assessment session to understand your goals, current ​movement abilities and health. We will collaborate on making a plan you will enjoy, targeting the areas you want to improve. 

One to one sessions are given at Margit Krt on the Buda side.

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We know how important it is to work with someone you have complete it in. A friend, motivator and qualified for the job. That's why we let you choose directly from our teachers schedules. Hover your mouse over each teacher for when and what they teach and how to book their class.  



I love Pilates ability to help people heal. For people in post rehab or in pain, Pilates improves strength and mobility and builds confidence. Movement helps recovery and can reduce pain in the long term. Its great for managing back pain.


Many of my clients are referred by physios. I hold Level 4  EREPS certifications for Back Pain, Pre and Post pregnancy and reformer certifications for teaching Pilates.

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Your spring fairy/soldier!
I support you, I push you, make you laugh, and bring your attention to the moment. Together we’re super focused on your body and movements. However you feel that day – mentally, physically, emotionally – we work together to accept your body, to experience the joy of its development and increasing strength.

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I am your Mary Poppins on the reformer. No nonsense (but with a sense of humour). Tailored to your specific body and needs, we'll focus on goal achievement within a framework of precision, concentration, safe limit pushing, and a laugh or two. Spit spot.

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