Pregnancy Pilates, Nutrition and Workshops

We offer three services to prospective, expectant and new mothers - nutritional advice, Pilates modified for pregnancy by pregnancy certified teachers and workshops.

Our pre and post natal pregnancy classes are currently private mat based. If you have done Pilates for 3 months prior to your pregnancy you can carry on for the entire pregnancy. If you are new to Pilates and are pregnant you must wait until the baby is 16 weeks before starting. As well as safe exercises, classes also cover breathing and pelvic floor exercises.


Our nutritional services we offer a range of information and services to help you with a balanced diet, calorific intake and nutrients. during the pregnancy

Regular workshops are held to help you understand:

1. Benefits of exercise and what not to do

2. How your nutrition and what you eat helps your pregnancy

3. How the Hungarian system works for expats

4. Accessing services like a doula and a midwife

Workshops for Pregnancy


Workshops are held regularly.​ Contact us at for further details.


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