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How can Pilates help me?

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Pilates has been a mainstay exercise program for many celebrities and sports people over the last two decades. From the world champion All Black Rugby team, tennis star Andy Murray and footballing genius Christiano Ronaldo through to Kate Winslet, Madonna and Cameron Diaz it has a high profile and dedicated following. So you might be asking yourself, why not me?

Pilates is for everyone

Pilates was developed as a full body conditioning system with an emphasis on precise movements to improve mind-body connection. This means as well as the famous Pilates core strength; your coordination and mental relaxation improves too. These are big benefits in a modern world and anyone desk bound would be sure to benefit quickly.

It's a cure for modern living

I get it, you're rushed, under stress and finding time for exercise is difficult. So you need something that is going to impact all the things you really want. Muscle tone, mental strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. A bad back.

Pilates does this and it layers on the things that bring them together. I teach a lot of centring - the relationship between your breathing and core strength. This allows you to create your own level of opposition to movements and speeds up the gains.

You are in control

Pilates is movement, that's why many dancers become teachers, but first it's movement for ordinary people. Over an hour you are challenging your neutral position against the sustained movement providing you the level that you want to work at.

My job teaching you, is to make sure you are moving properly in the right position. This provides a big reason for Pilates' following. Pilates is an exercise program where you learn and improve at pace at which you are comfortable.

We work on skills

As a teacher my job isn't to increase reps, increase weight to make it more difficult for you. Instead, I challenge your movement skills and help you improve to achieve the benefits Pilates provides.

When I teach a class I keep Pilates group class sizes small. This means I can have people who are beginners alongside advanced movers and still challenge each one to their ability. Skills improve for both levels. Exercises are modified so each person progresses.

Skills benefit backs

Something I hear from clients just starting Pilates is they suffer from back ache. Pilates has a long history of removing that ache. Many back problems are undiagnosed and simply arise from bad posture and poor pelvic control.

Pilates core work to stabilise the pelvis means we exercise support and stability muscles that travel from your knee to your ribs. This fixes many backs over time as the muscles improve and fix your posture.

If you have never tried Pilates, get in touch. It's benefits are wide from mental breaks through to physical looks. When it comes to Pilates, the celebrities are right.


I teach Pilates classes in English in Budapest as well as individual reformer.

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