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Pilates with Maria

I love Pilates because it gives you mobility, strength, power, control and a very deep understanding of your body. ​ 


A professional dancer since 2010, I trained and performed for 6 hours a day. I was taught and practiced Pilates to protect myself against injury and to recover my energy and strength as quickly as possible after each performance. Pilates saved me many times giving an incredibly strong base to my body which helped to keep myself healthy, in shape and safe. 

On returning to Hungary I spent 2 years training to become a group and private pilates instructor. I have taught Pilates since 2018 teaching both private pilates


My training also includes Pilates for dancers and stretching classes. I teach with precision and attention so private classes are slow but suited to your needs.


I work in the studio most evenings.  My private classes are after work times in the evenings.


Hi, my name is 

Maria. I was trained classically in Pilates through dance and qualified through The Fitness Company.