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Pilates with Klara

I fell in love with Pilates over 17 years ago after trying it on a gym class whim. “Look – they’re all lying down and not doing much – that looks easy!”, I thought. Ha. Haha.

The value that Pilates brings to my life is immeasurable. I love that the visible, physical benefits of regular Pilates practice are often secondary to the mental benefits. I am simply stronger; from the inside out.


I love teaching this to others, modifying to everyone's level and abilities, and watching people’s transformation as they learn. I teach both private pilates for individuals and group mat classes in the mornings.



My training also includes Pilates for those with Osteoporosis, Pre and Post natal Pregnancy Pilates; and Pilates for Seniors.


I work in the studio most mornings. My group classes tend to be around 10am, a perfect time for those of you that have just dropped the kids at school. 

My private classes before and after my group classes.

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Hi, my name is Klara, a pilates teacher trained with MK Pilates.