Reformer Pilates

Pilates with Julian

Hi, I'm Julian, and welcome to my Pilates Studio. I started Pilates because of constant chronic back pain. Pilates worked quickly to reduce the pain and over time it disappeared all together.

Pilates also helped me manage stress and improve my flexibility. It changed the way I approach a lot of things in life. I wanted to share that and it spurred me to teach and study Pilates. 


I am a UK Level 3 Qualified and Europe Level 4 Certified Pilates Instructor, certified to teach mat, reformer, pregnancy and chronic back pain. 



I work in the studio morning, afternoon or evening depending on the day. Group classes tend to be afternoon or evening but most hours are devoted to private clients.

I qualified with Body Control Pilates®, named one of the top Pilates Schools in the world. 

Last year I became a founder member of the Body Control Pilates Academy preserving this historical Pilates Schools in perpetuity.

Body Control's legacy comes from Carola Trier through Alan Herdman who brought Pilates to the UK. Carola was the first to open a Pilates studio with Joe Pilates' blessing.