Unlimited Group Class Membership

“You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.” Joseph Pilates 


If you want to change quickly, mat pilates is famed for giving new form to your body. Joseph Pilates made a guarantee, a new body in 30 session with his system. 


As a nod to the founder of Pilates we offer Group Pilates Classes for 30 consecutive days convenient to you. Great value at just Ft1000 for each Pilates day.


We have a choice of classes and instructors teaching throughout the week in studio to challenge you and shape you.

Who is this for?

The motivated and the dedicated. Those wanting to get fit quickly. Feel, look and have a new self in 30 days.

What and How

  • 30 days membership, no automatic renewal, no contract.

  • All Group Pilates classes.​ 

  • Starts from your first attended class.

  • Book as many classes as you like in the 30 days. No class cancellation penalties.

  • Buy your pass when you book your first class.

How much

Ft 30,000 for 30 consecutive days.

How to renew

Book a class and buy the members pass.