COVID and Pilates

These only apply when government restrictions are in place.

Class Limits: A maximum 4 in-studio for each group class. You can also join via Zoom Live Stream (max 8) at a discount.

1. Client Hygiene

- Clients are asked to either bring their own mat or bring a towel to lie on over the mat or reformer. 

- Use a face cloth to cover the head cushion if you wish to use one.

- On arriving please use the free hand sanitiser. You can make doubly sure by using it before you leave too.

- Clients are asked to wear socks on the floor.

2. Teacher Hygiene

- We wear masks and gloves while teaching to provide a barrier for you and us.

- Tactile cues are used but limited to the most necessary circumstances. We use hand sanitiser over the gloves after every contact.

3. Studio Hygiene

- All equipment is cleaned thoroughly immediately after use. 

- Straps have been covered with wipeable material.

- The studio floor is mopped with anti bacterial and anti viral disinfectant each day.

- The studio is aired prior and often during class (weather dependant).

- We use disposable cleaning towels throughout and the cleaning bottles include alcohol to boost effectiveness along with tea tree oil and lavender.

- We provide a choice of disinfectant soap or ordinary soap in the bathroom.

4. Shielding

- Clients who wish to take classes online will be able to stream live at a reduced cost. These will resume from September on Zoom. 

- Some classes will be recorded and available on-demand from this website.

Get in contact with any questions at