Conscious Movement

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Hi, I'm Julian, and welcome to my Pilates Studio. We are focused on providing 

Pilates in English to ensure our clients have clear, concise instruction throughout their class. We promote 

Conscious Movement. An active understanding what of moves and controlling that movement to maximise efficiency, enjoyment and minimise wear and tear.

As a qualified Body Control Pilates®, and a founder of the Body Control Pilates Academy that preserves this historical Pilates Schools teaching in perpetuity, my goal is to ensure the highest quality standards are maintained in teaching you. I m lucky to work with Pilates teacher's that feel the same way.

I started mbody with a client centred approach to Pilates. This means you are the priority and we concentrate on getting it right for each individual while you concentrate conscious movement. Over time we have added some extras to help our clients consciously choose to live a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

When I began Pilates to reduce chronic back pain, manage stress and improve flexibility it changed the way I approach a lot  of things in life. It's fast success spurred me to teach and study Pilates. I am a UK Level 3 Qualified and Europe Level 4 Certified Pilates Instructor, certified to teach mat, reformer, pregnancy and chronic back pain. I am a founding member of the Body Control Pilates Academy, Europe's largest Pilates training organisation.


Throughout my journey I began to understand most issues like back pain, stress and indigestion are preventable, and often happen because of aspects of our lifestyle. The studio has grown through providing you the information to help to reduce risks and targeted services to help manage issues. In doing so we work closely with primary health care providers and ensure all clients remain under their direction.

mBody symbolised the mind-body connection of Conscious Movement that Pilates created through regular practice resulting of effortless, flowing movement.

Conscious Movement is an active, somatic approach to exercise concentrating on the feeling, control and breathing to improve stability and mobility. You are present in how your mind makes choices to create movement and use repetition and practice to improve the mind-body connection and control.


This concept of practice becoming habit has been applied to help people work on issues like back pain and stress to make small achievable changes through movement, nutrition and targeted services. The goal is to help you embody the person you want to be. 


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