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Conscious Movement

From Julian, mBody's Founder.

Choosing a Pilates teacher often results in friendships that develop for years. Our assembled teachers acknowledge this. They have arrived at Pilates through their own journeys and have developed their own style of teaching that suits their personalities and experiences.


Each teacher is from different schools of thought about Pilates. They meet a minimum standard of externally assessed training and each is reformer and mat qualified. If they lack training in something, we spend time together, to give each other more skills and knowledge.  What they all have in common is a passion for Pilates. They express this in their words when they write about it on instagram or talk about it with others. A common phrase we have is that teaching Pilates became our dream.

I see this in the empathy each has for their clients and the enthusiasm each brings in teaching every single day. You will notice the difference in your experience in the studio, the warm welcome and relaxed, cheerful atmosphere. I'm very proud of the standards we keep, showing in our high ratings from clients on Google's reviews. Whomever you choose, I want it to be a success for both of you.

The team

We have a team of people passionate about passing on their knowledge to our clients. Each is a qualified and certified teacher ensuring a high degree of knowledge. Each teaches group pilates and private reformer classes.

Klara HS.jpg

Hi, my name is Klara, I trained with MK Pilates. I teach both private pilates for individuals and group mat classes in the mornings.

Find out more and book Klara's Pilates classes here


Hi, my name is Maria. I am classically trained through ballet and qualified through The Fitness Company.  I teaching both private and group classes

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Hi, I'm Julian, a qualified Body Control Pilates® teacher and founder of the studio. I teach Private Pilates and Group Classes.

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