How to Download Zoom

Zoom is a common 3rd party application for video calling for groups. You can find zoom here

Using Zoom for Pilates

1. Make sure your camera is on and sound off.

2. Click the link sent to you  in the meeting confirmation 5 minutes before the start.

3. Position your mat so we can see you. This will allow the teacher too correct you during the class.

4. Pin the instructor to the screen and wait for the class to start.

Virtual Online Pilates


Live Stream Group Pilates Classes on Zoom

Pilates anywhere. Workout with the best instruction safely at home, on holiday or at work. 

You book a streamed class the same way as an in studio class using our online booking. You can view the timetable here to view times of STREAMED LIVE classes or click the Book Live Online button.

Online class timetable

Live Stream Pilates

  • Every studio class is streamed online so you can join by Zoom and we have some Zoom only classes.

  • Each class is Ft 2000 or you can prepay 5 for Ft 9000. Prepaid tickets last 90 days.

  • Live stream is included for our studio members along with their unlimited in studio for 30 days.

  • Simply book online by clicking the live stream button or the Book a Class and choose which class you would enjoy.

The Teachers.


All classes and videos are taken by qualified teachers who are passionate about Pilates. 

Teaching style
Energy, flow, banter

The change maker

I started Pilates to fix stress and reduce back pain. It was my revelation to change myself. Come to my class to move. I like to keep the flow going and I like precision. I also like the banter. Movement starts at the core with strong muscles and a fearless spine. 

I teach the flow and healthy back classes.

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Teaching style
Abs Arms Ass and Stretch


Your cheerleader!
Fun and sometimes killer exercises: either way, you’ll love them! A bit of fusion, rich use of preps, combinations, flow, and continuous movements. I’ll keep you moving, keep you focussed, and keep you strong!

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Klara HS.jpg
Teaching style
Mind Body Connection

Sometimes mind/body guide, sometimes clown, sometimes boundaries breaker, mainly (hopefully) educational. I enjoy teaching carefully crafted classes, focussing on flow and precision, helping you build solid Pilates principles and techniques to educate your mind and strengthen your body

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