Meditation in English for Beginners

As you are reading these lines, you may notice that your shoulders are tight or that you are holding your breath. Maybe your thoughts feel scattered.


We invite you to take a breath and exhale it completely, with your full awareness. Repeat a few times.


How are you feeling now?


During our mindfulness meditation classes for beginners, we will practice tools that help us be more present with ourselves, and contribute to relaxation and wellbeing.


Using a gradual approach, we will study breathing and meditation techniques to let the body and mind find more calm and ease.


Classes are kept small to ensure attention is given to everyone. We observe strict hygiene rules.

The classes will be held in a beautiful studio with lots of room, good air and natural light. Mats and equipment are provided.

Who is this for?

If you are a complete beginner of meditation, you will benefit greatly. And if you have an ongoing practice but would like to sit in community and learn breathing techniques also, this course is for you too.

What to expect

Each class takes 50 minutes, combining theory and practice, for five consecutive weeks.


  • Classes take place on Wednesdays between 17:30 and 18:30 at the studio and via Zoom.


  • You will learn various techniques of mindfulness meditation, including breath- and body awareness, awareness of thoughts and emotions.


  • You will also practice deep relaxation, a practice to relax and rejuvenate the nervous system and allow the body the rest.

  • We will investigate the breath and learn various pranayama (breath work) techniques.


When and where

Book ASAP as the places are limited number of participants. We encourage you to commit to the five consecutive classes so that you can integrate the practices into your daily life.

How much

One class        Ft 3,000

Five classes    Ft 13,000 paid in advance

You can attend in person or via Zoom. For online attendance please use the class with STREAMED in the title.

About the instructor

Eszter Farkas teaches yoga classes and meditation in English, with a focus on creating space in the body and the mind. She has been practicing yoga for 15 and teaching for six years. Eszter enjoys spending time in nature, and is grateful to her meditation practice for its positive impacts on her life.


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