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Intentional, Conscious Movement

Join the Studio Collective


This studio is a collective of independent movement and mind-body teachers (Pilates, Meditation and Yoga), who share a space and some of the things needed to run a studio. If you are an independent teacher, it can be expensive to start or expand with high costs to buy equipment and high leasing costs for space. We solve that.

For Pilates teachers joining the collective this means access to mats and equipment like reformers, arcs and a Cadillac to teach your clients. For Yoga teachers this means mat based equipment. All teachers have access to private rooms as well as the group room. We also have a consultation room for 1"1 meditation and health coaching.


Everyone's clients can enjoy a bright, north facing studio that maintains an even temperature throughout the year. Some where to change and somewhere to chill.

How does it work


The studio lease and equipment purchases were made by Julian. Along with Brigita we take the principal risk of operating the space and work with all the other teachers to ensure everyone has access to the studio to work.

Independent teachers then contribute to the running of the studio based on their time and equipment use. Currently most teachers continue with their own website and infrastructure but may opt to use the studios payment system and scheduler if they wish. We operate month to month so no one is tied down.

If a teacher starts using the studio heavily, and wishes to make it long term, they can be invited to help manage the studio. This gives them more say and certainty in how it operates, in return for sharing the principal risk (lease, power etc).

We currently have two yoga and meditation teachers and four Pilates teachers operating from the studio. We still have time slots throughout the week across 2 private, 1 therapy and 1 group class room. 

If you are interested get in touch with Brigita or Julian at