Conscious Movement

Budapest Pilates Class Timetable

This weeks Pilates class timetable overview. By clicking on the image you will be taken to a booking system. We have a description of each class with the selection curated to ensure there is something to appeal to everybody.

Core Blimey
If your goal is to fit this is the class you need. We target toning up the softer parts of the body, getting a sweat going and improving the core strength with Julian's unbelievably effective core series of exercise. Eat an hour beforehand and have a water bottle handy.
Healthy Back
If you are feeling discomfort or suffering from chronic pain of non-specific back pain this class will help you. I am a Back4Good trainer, recognised by UK's Back Care Charity, providing appropriate exercise to mobilise and stabilise the back. This class has limited class numbers.
Aligning, full body Pilates workout.
Targeted workouts shoulders/arms/abs/glutes. .
Articulate that spine and move slow with control to stretch and release tension.
Mindful Movement and Stretch
Wind down at the end of the week and you will leave in time to enjoy your evening. We concentrate on lengthening muscles and moving joints slowly. We look inward with breathing and relaxation while keeping form and function.