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Budapest Pilates Class Timetable

This weeks Pilates class timetable overview. To book, click the image.

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Teaching style
Energy, flow, banter

I started Pilates to fix stress and reduce back pain. It was my revelation to change myself. Come to my class to move. I like to keep the flow going and I like precision. I also like the banter. Movement starts at the core with strong muscles and a fearless spine. 

I teach the flow and healthy back classes.

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Teaching style
Abs Arms Ass and Stretch


Your cheerleader!
Fun and sometimes killer exercises: either way, you’ll love them! A bit of fusion, rich use of preps, combinations, flow, and continuous movements. I’ll keep you moving, keep you focussed, and keep you strong!

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Teaching style
Mind Body Connection

Sometimes mind/body guide, sometimes clown, sometimes boundaries breaker, mainly (hopefully) educational. I enjoy teaching carefully crafted classes, focussing on flow and precision, helping you build solid Pilates principles and techniques to educate your mind and strengthen your body

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