Pilates Class

Intentional, Conscious Movement

Group Pilates Classes led in English

We provide group mat (maximum 6 people), and group reformer classes (maximum 3 people) on a regular schedule. Every Pilates class is led in English. You can review pricing for each here.

Our studio is a collective of self-employed movement teachers who have a direct interest in ensuring they give their very best in each class. Classes differ by intensity and style and all classes cap attendance to maintain a beginner friendly environment and a high quality experience.  

Pilates is a proven conditioning system based on mind-body principals. We keep them fun and functional to leave you relaxed and happy after class. Attendees range from beginners to those with over 10 years experience.

Pilates Classes and Schedule

View classes and book and pay using our online schedule booking system by clicking the big blue button.

Drop in classes are offered on a first come first served basis. Popular times regularly 
book out so get in early.

Courses are bought in blocks and are limited to those buying in advance.


Types of Pilates Classes 

Our group reformer classes offer all round body conditioning with an emphasis on the core work that made Pilates famous. Learn more about Group Reformer Pilates.

Our group mat classes come in Classical (as Joe Pilates taught it with specific sequences and transitions) or Contemporary, taking into account knowledge from modern anatomy and exercise science. Learn more about Group Mat Pilates.

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When and where

The studio currently takes 6 attendees. No drop ins. 

Your first time? Use discount code mbody1stclass1 for 50% off your first class. Those with a discount code are non-refundable and you can only use the code once.

Email enquire@mbody.co or book online.