Pilates Class

Intentional, Conscious Movement

Group Pilates Classes in English

Every Pilates class we provide is in English. Classes differ by intensity and style and are beginner friendly. They are fun, functional and leave you relaxed and happy. Attendees range from beginners to those with over 10 years experience.

We provide a positive environment, supportive of your abilities so you can improve at your own pace. All group classes are mat based exercises and held in a beautiful studio with lots of room, good air and natural light. Mats and equipment are provided.

Pilates Classes and Schedule

Our classes are beginner friendly and we have a number of choices throughout the week.

We offer several classes morning and evening. They are offered on a first come first served basis. As groups are small, popular times can
book out.

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Types of Pilates Classes 

Our General classes offer all round body conditioning with an emphasis on the core work that made Pilates famous. 


Classical Pilates is as Joe Pilates made it with specific sequences and transitions followed throughout the class. It will help you master movements more quickly.


Slow flow is focused on improving the mind body connection to help reduce precision of movement and concentrate the mind.


Beginners classes are an easier introduction to Pilates for those who wish to learn at a slower pace.

When and where

The studio currently takes 4 attendees. No drop ins. 

Your first time? Use discount code mbody1stclass1 for 50% off your first class. Those with a discount code are non-refundable and you can only use the code once.

Email enquire@mbody.co or book online.