Intentional, Conscious Movement

Pilates Reformer Studio

Group Mat Pilates 

Our small group mat Pilates focuses on movement sequences and transitions to improve mind-body connections. As well as conditioning and strength, practice helps coordination, awareness and promotes a state of flow.

Classical Pilates classes stay true to Pilates sequences and exercises. contemporary Pilates adapt these to modern knowledge from exercise science and anatomy.

Work with a Qualified Pilates Teacher 

We know how important it is to work with someone you have complete trust in. A friend, motivator and qualified for the job. Qualified means someone with knowledge and experience of the entire system that has validated through rigorous examination. The best teacher training can take up to 2 years to complete. 

We have come together as teachers after many dedicated hours study and practice. We continue to improve ourselves with post qualification with pregnancy, post rehab, back care and older persons certifications. You can find out more about us here or below when you choose your teacher.

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