Conscious Movement

Group Pilates Classes in English

Every Pilates class we provide is in English for all abilities. Classes differ by intensity. They are fun, functional and leave you relaxed and happy. Attendees range from beginners to those with over 10 years experience.

We provide a positive environment, supportive of your abilities so you can improve at your own pace. All group classes are mat based exercises and held in a beautiful studio with lots of room, good air and some natural light. Mats and equipment are provided.

Pilates Teachers and Schedule

Choosing a teacher means choosing a style. Either click the timetable to view the schedule or hover your mouse over each teacher for when and what they teach and how to book their class. 

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When and where

In studio at Margit Krt and streamed live online. The studio takes 4 attendees and further 8 can join online at a reduced price.  No drop ins but if there is space we do same day bookings. 

Your first time? Use discount code mbody1stclass1 for 50% off your first class. Those with a discount code are non-refundable and you can only use the code once.

Email enquire@mbody.co or book online.

Teaching style
Energy, flow, banter

I started Pilates to fix stress and reduce back pain. It was my revelation to change myself. Come to my class to move. I like to keep the flow going and I like precision. I also like the banter. Movement starts at the core with strong muscles and a fearless spine. 

I teach the flow and healthy back classes.

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Teaching style
Abs Arms Ass and Stretch


Your cheerleader!
Fun and sometimes killer exercises: either way, you’ll love them! A bit of fusion, rich use of preps, combinations, flow, and continuous movements. I’ll keep you moving, keep you focussed, and keep you strong!

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Klara HS.jpg
Teaching style
Mind Body Connection

Sometimes mind/body guide, sometimes clown, sometimes boundaries breaker, mainly (hopefully) educational. I enjoy teaching carefully crafted classes, focussing on flow and precision, helping you build solid Pilates principles and techniques to educate your mind and strengthen your body

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