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Duet Reformer Pilates 

Working out with a partner or friend can help you keep focused on exercise in the long term. Duet's are a great alternative to group reformer where you have a greater focus of attention from the teacher and a say in what you will be doing in each class.

We have a limited number of slots available on Wednesday evenings, Monday mornings and Saturdays for duet reformer. All our classes in English.

Our classes stay true to Pilates methods and exercises so you will experience the precision and flow ass well as the after glow.

Work with a Qualified Pilates Teacher 

We know how important it is to work with someone you have complete trust in. A friend, motivator and qualified for the job. Qualified means someone with knowledge and experience has validated the teachers knowledge and skills.


We have come together as teachers after many dedicated hours study and practice. We continue to improve ourselves with post qualification with pregnancy, post rehab, back care and older persons certifications. You can find out more about us here or below when you choose your teacher.

Book via Email

Spots are limited so they are not available to book online. Please get in touch by email at enquire@mbody.co. letting us know which times are suitable and when you would like to start. The first session is half price. Your booking must be paid in advance for confirmation.




I initially started Pilates to counteract the effects of a desk job and sedentary lifestyle. I was amazed how quickly and effectively Pilates reduced my back pain, enhanced my posture and increased my flexibility. Pilates also improved my focus and resilience in other parts of my life and it became a passion. 

I want to support others to learn how Pilates can transform their body no matter where they are in their fitness journey.

Email to book


Check our full price list here.  All first timers get 50% off the first session


I loved how I could choose my instructor instead of not having the choice. I didn't want to share my aches and pains with just anyone the studio chose. - Eszter

Thanks to Julian I discovered how nice it to practice Pilates! He is a fantastic teacher and he did a very good job in putting me back on track after a hip surgery and some other joint problems. It was a pleasure to work with him – he is very professional and a very nice person as well. He was able to adapt the reformer classes to my strengths and weaknesses hence I really enjoyed every minute of each class. We worked together for just two months (unfortunately, I left Budapest) but I made a great progress during this time. I hope to have the chance to work with him again and I would strongly recommend his studio. Keep up the good work Julian! - Roxanna S

I was new to pilates when I started going to see Julian and was a little nervous, I soon found out there was no need to be. Julian is a fantastic, knowledgable teacher who is easy to talk to and very supportive. He tailors the instruction to your needs and goes the extra mile to make sure you are happy. - Helen B