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Classical Pilates with Brigita

Hi, I am Brigita. I started Pilates to counteract the effects of a desk job and sedentary lifestyle. I was amazed how quickly and effectively Pilates reduced my back pain, enhanced my posture and increased my flexibility. Pilates also improved my focus and resilience in other parts of my life and it became a passion. 

I experienced first-hand how the human body and mind responds to movement and regular exercise, and I want to support others to learn how Pilates can transform their body no matter where they are in their fitness journey.

Classical Pilates pre dates modern Yoga by 20 years. It is very mindful and very effective in conditioning the body. 


I am a classically trained Pilates mat instructor, certified by the Pilates Standard. 


I work in the studio during the day and evenings, and teach both private and group classes. 


Hi, my name is 

Brigita. I was trained classically in Pilates through the Pilates Standard.