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Pilates Teachers

mBody symbolises the mind-body connection Pilates creates through regular practice resulting in effortless, flowing movement

I'm passionate about the benefits Pilates can bring to everyone, but most importantly, I want everyone to enjoy it. Pilates as a safe, effective exercise program for all ages, and for all goals. I teach both private reformer pilates for individuals and group mat classes in the evenings. 

Qualifications and Style 

I am a Level 3 UK Qualified and Level 4 Europe Certified Pilates Instructor. I hold relevant qualifications for teaching mat and reformer pilates and for adapted pilates for pre and post natel pregnancy and those with back pain .


Hi, I'm Julian, a qualified Body Control Pilates® teacher. 


I started Pilates to help with chronic back pain and manage stress. I loved Pilates for it's movement, increased flexibility and my back pain and stress disappeared. It wasn't long before I decided to study to be a teacher.

Hi, my name is Klara, and I trained withMK Pilates. 

I fell in love with Pilates over 17 years ago after trying it on a gym class whim. “Look – they’re all lying down and not doing much – that looks easy!”, I thought. Ha. Haha.

The value that Pilates brings to my life is immeasurable. I love that the visible, physical benefits of regular Pilates practice are often secondary to the mental benefits. I am simply stronger; from the inside out. I love teaching this to others, modifying to everyone's level and abilities, and watching people’s transformation as they learn. I teach both private mat pilates for individuals and group mat classes in the mornings. 

Qualifications and Style 


I teach group and individual mat Pilates classes in English in Budapest and trained with Michael King in the UK. My style is progressive rather than classical and focusses on good form.


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